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Non Immigrant Visas

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Non immigrant work visas were established for people who want to enter the United States temporarily in order to work legally in a particular field. 


The key word is temporarily. They are distinguishable from green cards in that nonimmigrant work visas only give a finite period of time  usually from one to three years  at which point the visa holder is required to either extend/change his status, or go home. 


So why get a non immigrant work visa if it is only temporary? Because non immigrant visas have several advantages: 


  • They are substantially quicker to get, which is important when one is offered a position to commence within a month or two


  • They are usually cheaper to obtain


What follows are descriptions of the work visas that we most frequently get at our firm. This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it a substitute for legal advice, so please contact us if you have specific questions (please click on each for details).

P Visas

P visas are generally for athletes, culturally unique performers or internationally recognized entertainment groups coming to the United States to participate in their craft. 


There are several categories of P visas:


Culturally Unique Artist or Entertainer  coming to the United States to perform, teach, or coach in a culturally unique program.

Internationally Recognized Entertainment Group  a group coming to the United States to perform.

Athletes  an individual athlete or a group of athletes may come to the United States if they are internationally recognized  meaning renowned, leading, or well-known in more than one country.


Reciprocal Exchange Program  artists or entertainers, either individuals or a group, coming to the United States to perform under a reciprocal exchange program between a U.S. organization and a foreign organization.


Edward J Cuccia has successfully represented players from the Major League Baseball and International renowned tennis players.

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