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At EJC Law, we strive to deliver the best solutions and services to our clients. As a member of the firm, you will have the opportunity to witness firsthand how we assist clients in court appearances. For inquiries, please reach out to our office at 212-966-7775 or


Associate Attorney

Associate Attorney (New York, NY) Represent clients in a general practice law firm in various legal proceedings in court or before governmental agencies. Research and interpret statutes, decisions, laws and regulations, and case law. Draft, review and file legal documents, such as legal briefs and opinions, wills, deeds, patent applications, mortgages, leases, and contracts. Negotiate civil dispute settlements. Gather evidence to formulate defense or to initiate legal actions by such means as interviewing clients and witnesses to ascertain the facts of a case. Perform any administrative functions related to the practice of law.


Min Sal. $95,222.00/Year.

ABA accredited JD & NYS Bar Admission & 2 Years Exp Req’d.

Mail Resumes:

Edward J. Cuccia, P.C.,

Attn: Human Resources

121 Walker Street, New York, NY 10013

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